Using Twilio as a call forwarding service

Posted on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

We make no secret of being small. But we don’t want to have a bunch of mobile numbers listed on our website.

One option is to use a call forwarding service. There’s many out there, like eReceptionist or something like that.
£7.50 / month is very affordable – but 300 minutes is (at this stage) more than we’ll need.
Most of our customers contact us via email.

So, I found another solution, using Twilio.
Grand total: $1 / month (for the phone number) and around $0.02 / minute.
More information is available here.

To do this, I first bought a phone number.
Then, configure the phone number to use a Twimlet

Twimlets are tiny web applications that implement basic voice functionality. Think of them as “Widgets” in the web world.

So, our Twimlet looks like:


Once saved, this works flawlessley – calls to our number (0203 8287118) forward to whatever number we specify.


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